Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back in Business

I have experience a crazy couple of weeks! There is a reason for falling behind on my posts. MY COMPUTER CRASHED! Thats right. My power supply was faulty and caused my hard drive to COMPLETELY ERASE itself. I found that out after I took my computer to get fixed. It sat in the shop for four days. Finally....I got it back, with a new hard drive and operating system. When I brought it home, I couldn't connect to the internet....had to wait on the cable men to come out and fix that too...the next day. And finally to another point I wanted to make.....LUCKILY I had an ONLINE BACKUP for all of my files.
How it works...It scans your hard drive and makes a mirror copy of EVERYTHING on your computer. It scans and saves all day long and updates everytime I update. The company I use is CARBONITE . Over the last five days I have been restoring all of my files. It has been amazing watching my deleted files pop back up on my new computer making it feel like HOME again. I have so many pictures of my own children that I couldn't do without and not to mention many clients who are waiting on pictures from me as well.
So...if you are don't have ONLINE should! Any time of any day all of you information, pictures, documents could be GONE!
Thanks to you all for you patience! I appreciate you!
Expect some fun posts of my latest sessions!

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